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An exercise web app to keep you and your friends moving. Join us in taking the next steps to lead a happier and healthier life.

Better Together

Get better together by joining or creating a clic. Each day, a customizable word and corresponding workout will be presented. Use the member list to see which of your friends have done their part.

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Make it Yours

Creating a clic comes with perks. A wide range of features may be configured to fit your needs. If you want to focus on running, just make a new exercise set. You can even combine the power of clic announcements and exercise sets to have weekly challenges! The possibilities are endless.

iPhone with Fit Clic's group customization settings open

Feel Progress

Completing the workout is a big deal — that's why you get a point every time you mark it done. Not only will you see your points rack up over time, but you will begin to feel stronger with consistency. Also, your friends can see if you have finished your word… no slacking!

iPhone with Fit Clic's completed workout indicator

Come Join the Fun

We can't wait to welcome you to Fit Clic. Sign up now to get in on the action and challenge yourself to be better, one day at a time.